Laser hair removal allows a considerable reduction of hair and is based on the so-called selective photothermolysis. The energy emitted by the iEPIL laser only affects precise tissue targets, i.e. the melanin (the pigment that colours the hair) which is present in the hair shaft, the epithelial root sheath and the dermis. This is the reason why white or very light hairs (devoid of melanin) are not removed by lasers (THE LASER has a removal capacity which is 10 times higher than normal pulsed light and takes the same time as waxing).
The light beam emitted by the laser turns into thermal energy and uses the melanin to destroy the hair papilla, thus burning the hair at its root. The special cooled handpiece protects the surface of the skin before, during and after each pulse, while the laser energy reaches the hair root. This combination of cooling the skin with the emitted laser light allows the removal of unwanted hair and therefore effectively depilates any type of skin on the face and body.
This permanent hair removal technique combines effectiveness with maximum comfort for the patient. Permanent hair removal treatment times using an iEPIL diode laser are reduced up to 75% compared to other techniques, thanks to a new and larger area of ​​energy release.


laser hair removal
The energy at 808 nm focuses its action on the hair and on its matrix cells, minimally affecting the surrounding tissues. This ensures a drastic decrease in the hair's capacity to regenerate. The results are visible and can already be seenafter the first applications, becoming more and more evidentas the months go by.


The sophisticated software which has automatic limitation systems of the emission parameters, along with the width and the adjustable frequency of the laser pulses, allows all skin phototypes to be treated with the least discomfort possible whilst providing excellent results.
The reduced energy absorption by the water and blood around the follicle and the cooling of the skin by the special head of the handpiece, allow
hair removal with less risk of burns.
The special sapphire head is always in contact with the skin to provide a uniform distribution of light, and prevents its undesired distribution in the surrounding environment.
Invisible 808 nm wavelength. So that the beautician always has the emitted energy path under control, the handpiece also emits it a beam of red light to simply mark the right path on the skin.
In addition to showing the treatment parameters for each skin type, the display also signals any system abnormalities, blocking laser activation where necessary.
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